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The Top 5 Questions We Get Asked the Most About Master Data Management

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If your company collects data about your customers, your sales, or your marketing efforts, master data management (MDM) should be on your to-do list. Challenges like security leaks and imperfect MDM systems are probably holding you back—but if you are not sure how to manage your data, here are answers to the top five questions we hear when it comes …

how can you know if HiPER is right for you

How Can You Know if HiPER Is Right for You?

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Choose Right Proprietary Data Management System Today, implementing the right clinical data management solutions is critical. But how do you know what those are? High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER) software is an advanced entity resolution solution that can provide configurable and accurate data management. When you evaluate HiPER, we will work with you to define a test scenario that uses …

Big data think piece 2017

Why We Aren’t Writing a ‘2017 Big Data Trends’ Think Piece

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Moving Past Trends If you are looking for theory and conjecture concerning your data, you can find it quite easily. There is no shortage of people claiming to know the “latest big data trends of 2017.” But do they really help you in moving forward with your data in 2017, or will you just be right back at square one six months …

Moving Beyond Customer Matching to Business and Product Data

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Here at Black Oak Analytics, we enjoy nothing more than a good discussion on the configurability of our HiPER software, and how it can match data without traditional attributes such as name and address. We enjoy talking about this because so many entity resolution engines and master data management solutions are restricted to matching on traditional attributes. Without name and …

Chief data officer training

Black Oak Analytics Hosted HiPER Training At UALR’s Institute for Chief Data Officers

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On September 29, 2016, Black Oak Analytics hosted a hands on HiPER training at UALR’s Institute for Chief Data Officer’s (iCDO) first offering of Course CDO-1: Foundations for Chief Data Officers. The first three days of training included lectures on essential knowledge for CDOs including current research, data technologies, data quality, data visualization, data analytics, and data integration. On the …

The role of a chief data officer includes establishing data governance standards.

Does Your Company Need a Chief Data Officer in the C-Suite?

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If the emergence of Big Data has proven anything about today’s business landscape, it is that most organizations are not properly equipped to manage it. Even the most successful companies in the world struggle with leveraging Big Data, and many of these same companies are unaware of previously unavailable opportunities afforded by the implementation of master data management tools. The …

Best practices for establishing enterprise data governance program.

The Best Way to Establish an Enterprise Data Governance Program in Your Organization

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Retail, medical, nonprofit and just about every other professional field now relies on data as the primary driver of processes and procedures at all levels. As the influence of Big Data continues to grow exponentially, along with the impending permanent connectivity of all machines that is the Internet of Things, the need for a comprehensive enterprise data governance program is …

The Next Generation of HiPER: Entity Resolution in Hadoop

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If you read any news about Big Data in 2015, chances are you will come across a reference to Hadoop. For years, the ability to process large data sets has been limited by processing power. Instead of running locally on one server, Hadoop processes data across clusters of less powerful machines. HiPER version 2.0 is a next-generation entity identity information …

Brief History of HiPER

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Development of Black Oak’s High Performance Entity Resolution system (HiPER) began in 2009 and the first release (version 1.0) was completed in 2011. By 2012, HiPER version 1 was in use, and is still used today. The original release of HiPER runs locally and has advanced matching functions including Boolean and Scoring Rules. The initial inspiration for the product began …