Black Oak Analytics Hosted HiPER Training At UALR’s Institute for Chief Data Officers

On September 29, 2016, Black Oak Analytics hosted a hands on HiPER training at UALR’s Institute for Chief Data Officer’s (iCDO) first offering of Course CDO-1: Foundations for Chief Data Officers. The first three days of training included lectures on essential knowledge for CDOs including current research, data technologies, data quality, data visualization, data analytics, and data integration. On the fourth day Black Oak’s HiPER team led a hands on software and entity resolution strategies session. The session was led by Dr. John R. Talburt and four of Black Oak’s seasoned data integration specialists broke the participants into four teams to work on HiPER using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The teams were led by Black Oak’s Director of Product Development Robert Nosari and Black Oak’s data science team including Dr. Fumiko Kobayashi, Pei Wang, and Daniel Pullen.

During the hands on session, participants worked through three different HiPER data integration scenarios. For each scenario the teams reviewed matching strategies, capturing identities, updating an identity knowledgebase, and performing entity resolution on different data sources. The training documentation has been uploaded to the UALR iCDO website, and is available for download to all attendees. The training went extremely well, and we have stayed in contact with several of the session participants. We are proud of our team and honored to be a part of this first course offering. However, for those who were unable to attend, we look forward to a re-offering of Course CDO-1 in the spring, as well as a chance to meet more CDOs and future CDOs in attendance.

In the past, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers have been responsible for data governance and master data management program implementation and design, but Chief Data Officers have the management, integration, policies, procedures, and other activities related to data as their primary concern, including providing business ROI from that data. As organizations across all industries begin to recognize the need for CDOs in their C-Suite, we anticipate data governance and master data management being increasingly prioritized at the higher level of organizations, outside of IT departments. As this happens, entity identity information lifecycle management and entity resolution will be entering more conversations at higher levels.

Because of its HiPER software, Black Oak was recently named one of the Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers. If you or your company would like to discuss data governance strategies, EIIM, or HiPER entity resolution, contact Black Oak Analytics today!