Patient Attribution and eMPI, the Foundation on which Interoperability is Built

The amount of healthcare data being produced on a daily basis is staggering. It is estimated that approximately 30% of the entire world’s stored data has been generated by the healthcare industry. A single patient typically generates close to 80 megabytes annually in imaging and EHR data. IDC estimates that healthcare will “grow the fastest of all industries when it comes to data created, far surpassing the media and entertainment sector and matching the financial services sector by 2025.”  

We can all envision the bright future of healthcare enabled by advanced analysis of all this data; more efficient and productive research, better patient experience and outcomes, game changing prediction and prevention and significant cost reduction. But like all great journeys, this one starts with small steps. Clean data connecting the correct patient to the correct record are the obvious, but not simple first steps . Medical record deduplication in conjunction with highly accurate matching and persistently linking all your clinical data across all data repositories is where the journey towards interoperability starts.  

HiPER Healthcare currently resolves patient identities across 1200+ provider locations ranging from major urban university research hospitals to small rural walk in clinics using more than 15 different EHRs with tens of millions of records being processed each day.

HiPER Reference, available in January 2020, represents a giant step forward in referential patient matching capability combining all the power of HiPER Healthcare with the most robust and complete source of
consumer insights in the US from our partner Equifax.

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