Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility.

Move beyond basic deduplication. Build your own rule sets using a library of the most advanced entity resolution algorithms available. Perform entity resolution in the Cloud or behind your firewall as your needs require. Accurately link all of your enterprise data with a single persistent identifier. HiPER – advanced entity resolution at scale.

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Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility. HiPER provides real-time entity resolution with auditable, accurate results. HiPER processes billions of records as an API call or on site as a part of your tech stack. Speed. HiPER is designed for fast installation, speedy source ingestion, can run billions of records, and can even run…

HiPER Healthcare

HiPER for Healthcare Accurate and complete electronic health records (HER) are critical to delivering cost efficient state of the art care. Mis-matched or missing patient data can lead to duplicative tests or worse, unfavorable patient outcomes. Numerous studies have shown that organizations with multiple EHR systems have patient match rates…

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About Us. Why Us? Why HiPER? Our leadership, developers and data scientists understood four years ago that identity and entity resolution on local machines, with limited scalability was only viable for a limited period of time. Our products already focused on accuracy, but we decided our entity resolution needed the…


Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility.


Whether you are dealing with 50k or a billion records, HiPER has you covered. HiPER matches all of your data, regardless of size and source type, with high speed. HiPER processes batch loads of up to billions of records in just hours and can update connections and allow you to view entity resolution results in real-time. Unlike legacy master data management solutions and other specialized identity resolution products, HiPER can be used as an API call for your IT or can be installed directly as a part of your technology stack.


Solutions that boast AI and machine learning techniques give you answers but can’t tell you how they got them. HiPER comes with advanced match quality metrics, allowing you to both measure and tune your accuracy to get it exactly where you’d like. With human-supervised machine learning algorithms, HiPER has high accuracy results. All results are completely auditable with traceable metadata for compliance and reporting. HiPER takes RAW data from all sources, but doesn’t change them, so you can trace back results to each individual source as needed.


Whether you would like to make an API call to the Cloud or have a prepackaged entity resolution tool to plug directly into your technology stack, HiPER has you covered. Built with a modular, plug-and-play design, HiPER comes with dozens of different matching comparators, filters, and algorithms to get the outcomes you need.

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