Value Based Care and Patient Attribution

A large problem with value based repayments is not just a patient care problem, it’s a technology problem. At the core it’s really a data problem. Healthcare organizations continue to face challenges with record matching.

New York’s Medicaid program is working to overcome challenges with it’s value-based payment models at the moment, but they’re hardly the only ones. Value based care is coming rapidly, and many healthcare organizations are just not prepared for it.

Patient attribution is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Healthcare organizations often have multiple electronic health record (EHR) systems and studies have shown match rates can be under 50% when organizations are using the same EHR. Match rates fall lower when data is being matched between different EHRs.

Identity matching is a serious matter in healthcare, and we follow best practices of making sure your healthcare data is the best it can possibly be. We have state-of-the-art match quality process to ensure your matching is correct, and you have the metrics to prove it.

Here at Black Oak Analytics, we use HiPER Healthcare to provide data attribution on a daily basis. We process 50 million records daily and we have a proven record of attributing all your patients accurately, correctly, and quickly.

To find out more about your company’s data and to have a discussion about our HiPER software and what it can do for you, contact us at Black Oak Analytics ( today.

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