How Can You Know if HiPER Is Right for You?

Choose Right Proprietary Data Management System

Today, implementing the right clinical data management solutions is critical. But how do you know what those are? High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER) software is an advanced entity resolution solution that can provide configurable and accurate data management. When you evaluate HiPER, we will work with you to define a test scenario that uses data and conditions that represent the current challenges and problems in your company.

Through these methods, we seek to understand and assess the accuracy and effectiveness of the tactics your company is currently using to solve data issues and locate areas where the approach could be more effective.

We do this by gathering information, conducting a test, evaluating the results and making a list of key findings. While other data management systems are confusing and minimally configurable, HiPER works to stay streamlined, deliverable, and accurate at all times.

HiPER Can Improve Your Data Quality

HiPER’s main goals are as follows:

  • To improve data quality by focusing carefully on making data integration more accurate
  • To use all available data sources, including non-PII sources.
  • To offer a platform that is continually and completely configurable to a client’s business needs
  • To provide entirely transparent match decisions regarding how and why data is integrated
  • To measure results for accuracy and quality on a continual basis
  • To simplify data by being deliverable as a cloud service or behind a customer firewall

In these ways, HiPER makes outstanding data quality more attainable and provides a fast, scalable and cost-effective method of data integration. Furthermore, the entity resolution software is configurable for your business.

Master Data Management with HiPER

Data management is commonly hindered by improper timing and resources. Fortunately, HiPER can help resolve this. By keeping objectives well-defined and executing them efficiently, HiPER can help you manage your data more effectively and integrate the information you need quickly and efficiently.

HiPER is ideal for clients who are struggling to accurately identify clients in disparate data sources; who are fighting with minimal data accuracy metrics for match data; whose data matching systems are not transparent, visible, or accountable enough to be functional; and those who lack confidence in their data matching technologies. HiPER represents a fast, effective and fully scalable way for Fortune 100 companies and C-level executives to master their data.

HiPER: Your Proprietary Data Management Solution for the Modern World

Today, businesses cannot afford to spend their time dealing with big data on their own or using sub-par clinical data management solutions. By aligning with data governance best practices and providing high-quality entity resolution services, HiPER stands out as a one-of-a-kind proprietary data management systems for improving data quality and mastering data management. By implementing it in your organization, you can take control of the way your company processes and handles data and ensure that your approach to data is as effective as possible in the future.

Designed to be fully scalable, continually measurable and entirely transparent, HiPER is a unique and highly effective form of data management and configurability that is well-suited to companies facing challenges ranging from inaccurate client identification to little data accuracy and problems in complex matching systems. HiPER is also well-suited for any organization that is lacking confidence in its traditional data matching technology and would like something that acts as an upgrade and a solution all at once.

If you are searching for entity resolution software, get in touch with us today! The proprietary HiPER software from Black Oak Analytics is be the next step on your way to harnessing the power of your business’s data.

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