Why We Aren’t Writing a ‘2017 Big Data Trends’ Think Piece

Moving Past Trends

If you are looking for theory and conjecture concerning your data, you can find it quite easily. There is no shortage of people claiming to know the “latest big data trends of 2017.” But do they really help you in moving forward with your data in 2017, or will you just be right back at square one six months from now trying adopt the next trend?
A better strategy would be to move in a direction that you could maintain for years down the road—a data management strategy that you know will lead to higher data quality management without following expensive, arbitrary trends that may or may not work.

Trends vs. a Long-Term Strategy

Do you really need a trend to understand how to best account for your customers? Absolutely not – you need a system that is customized to your business. A trend cannot help you there.

For a data management system customized to your needs, try to move beyond short-term big data trends to a long-term strategy. Hypothetical trends in big data analytics will always be a topic of conversation in the data management industry, but what really matters is if data produces results for your business. If it does not? Once you have begun to understand your personalized battle plan, you will have little need for these short-term trends.

Think of your business as a stock trader would think of a long-term investment. If you are planning on holding a company for 20 to 30 years, you are not very concerned about these short-term fluctuations in the market. What you are concerned with is making sure that the business is fundamentally sound. With this in mind, your business should also have the ability to adapt based on proven advancements in the industry.

Mastering Your Data

If you master your own data first, you will be the trendsetter in your industry rather than a follower. Instead of trying to trying to reverse engineer another company’s success, you will have others looking into your techniques rather than you. Mastering your data means understanding how to organize it and make it work for you. No two companies are alike, even two companies in the same industry. You will not be able to create your company-specific policy from the techniques that another company is using.

In most cases, companies need master data management partners in order to most efficiently analyze and use data. Gathering data is one thing – analyzing it and determining data quality is quite another. Data management not only means organizing your data, it also means interpreting your data so that your business can better tailor its services to your clients. If you think that you have to do it all yourself, you may end up falling back on shortcuts, like following the hyped-up trends of the moment.

If you are ready to move beyond following trends and begin a long-term strategy for gathering and managing high quality data, contact us today! With our proprietary data integration software High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER), improving your data management has never been so easy. With our focus on client support and customer service, we are the master data management partner you have been looking for.

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