entity resolution software for big data

What Can Your Entity Resolution Software Do for You?

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Entity resolution software for big data is a powerful tool to help businesses sort through complex, large data sets and organize that information in a coherent, usable manner. By leveraging entity resolution, organizations like yours can make connections faster and use those connections to drive better business decisions. In other words, entity resolution software is essential in today’s workplace. By making sense …

Black Oak Analytics website launch

Press Release: Black Oak Analytics Launches New Website

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Enterprise Data Management Firm Partners with iProv, LLC to Develop New Website Little Rock, AR – Black Oak Analytics, a leading provider of custom data management solutions, has launched a new website. Developed by iProv, LLC, the new website provides in-depth information about how the company’s entity resolution software, data-driven marketing, and consumer preference-based web services can help businesses compete …

ISO data quality standards

Dr. Talburt in South Africa

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We wish Dr. Talburt (Black Oak’s Chief Science Officer) well as he flies overseas to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. From February 22 to 26th, Talburt is attending an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) meeting on developing the ISO 8000 Data Quality Standards. As a board member, he is representing the United States for …

key concepts in big data

Three Concepts in “Big Data” Systems You Need to Worry About

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By Dr. John R. Talburt For some time, the industry has been moving towards the implementation of new distributed processing technologies and this movement is laying the foundation for the next generation of IT systems. While these new technologies are starting to free us from the tyranny of single-server processing and the rigidity of relational database system architectures, we now …

analyzing information quality

Quality vs Quantity: What Matters Most in Analyzing Enterprise Data?

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By Dr. John R. Talburt In academia we say both quality and quantity are equally important to enterprise data. In business we would say, “It depends.” However, the real answer is that this is a false choice like the question of “what happened to the missing dollar?” in the bellboy story. According to the fundamental principles of analyzing information quality, …

Four Use Cases of Big Data Technologies

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By Dr. John R. Talburt Big data tools are key pieces of marketing technology in all corporate environments today. This has become so as the use cases for big data have changed and grown along with their potential. Now that this paradigm has clearly shifted, it is just as important to understand where it is going and where it came …

The Next Generation of HiPER: Entity Resolution in Hadoop

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If you read any news about Big Data in 2015, chances are you will come across a reference to Hadoop. For years, the ability to process large data sets has been limited by processing power. Instead of running locally on one server, Hadoop processes data across clusters of less powerful machines. HiPER version 2.0 is a next-generation entity identity information …

Brief History of HiPER

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Development of Black Oak’s High Performance Entity Resolution system (HiPER) began in 2009 and the first release (version 1.0) was completed in 2011. By 2012, HiPER version 1 was in use, and is still used today. The original release of HiPER runs locally and has advanced matching functions including Boolean and Scoring Rules. The initial inspiration for the product began …