Black Oak Presents at the International Conference on Information Quality 2016 in Ciudad Real, Spain

In the news so far this summer we’ve been reading about the 2016 Olympics in Rio. While Black Oak hasn’t yet been able to send any of our team members to the Olympics, we do have our CSO Dr. Talburt in Ciudad Real, Spain for the next few days attending the International Conference on Information Quality 2016 (Follow on Twitter @ICIQ2016).

Dr. Talburt has already presented a tutorial on Master Data Management and Big Data, and tomorrow he is presenting research on “Getting to Customer Dialog: An Architecture for Extending Data Governance to Customer Communications Management” on June 22 at 2:30 pm, that’s 7:30 am Arkansas time. The presentation was a collaborative effort including Dr. Talburt as well as Black Oak’s Leslie Culpepper (Director of Account Services) and Dr. Fumiko Kobayashi (Senior Data Scientist).

The presentation proposes a solution to bringing customer communications management, a requirement for interactive customer relationship management and voice of the customer programs, under master data management and thus data governance. See the ICIQ 2016 website to download the program, browse proposals, etc. Black Oak is proud to have Dr. Talburt in attendance at the School of Informatics of Paseo University.

Just as exciting (maybe even more so), in the coming weeks we will be announcing more information about the ICIQ 2017 conference and our involvement in next year’s conference. Check back in soon to find out more about Black Oak’s team as we send representatives to San Diego for DGIQ 2016 and Cambridge for MITCDOIQ 2016.

Image courtesy of ICIQ

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