Dr. Talburt Is Heading to the White House

On Wednesday, April 27, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Center for Open Data Enterprise are co-hosting an Open Data Roundtable on Improving Data Quality and they have invited Dr. Talburt. This discussion is the second of four Open Data Roundtables being scheduled this year, with the topic of “What are the most efficient and scalable ways to improve data quality?” This forum is an invitation to industry experts from both government and non-government entities to discuss scalable open data, but more importantly scalable data quality strategies. We are excited (but not surprised) that Dr. Talburt has been chosen to be a participant and look forward to being a part of the larger conversation(s) about data quality.

Earlier in the year Dr. Talburt was in South Africa, and his travels won’t end with Washington D.C. This summer, he will be giving a workshop on Customer Dialog and Preference Management (CDPM) at the 2016 MIT International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ) June 22 – 23 in Ciudad Real, Spain. Then he will be leading a discussion about “Data Governance, Customer Loyalty, and the Mobile Pay Disruption” at the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference, June 27-30 in San Diego, CA. And finally, Dr. Talburt will be attending a meeting of the International Society for Chief Data Officers at the 2016 MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 12 – 14 in Cambridge, MA. We know he’ll have more engagements in the fall as well.

Check back for more information on Dr. Talburt’s travels and more details about his workshops, presentations, and professional appearances.

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