Where in the World Is Black Oak Analytics?

Black Oak Analytics has been all over the world so far this summer, and will continue to travel as our staff and leadership team continue to meet with partners and clients. This week in particular, Black Oak is sending our Chief Science Officer, Dr. John Talburt, to the Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) 2016 Conference in San Diego.

Dr. Talburt will be presenting “Data Governance, Customer Loyalty, and the Mobile Pay Disruption” on June 29 at 1:00pm Pacific Time, based upon the work done with Black Oak teams. His presentation is, in many ways, a continuation of last week’s presentation at the International Conference on Information Quality 2016 (ICIQ2016) in Ciuadad Real, Spain.

During last week’s presentation, Dr. Talburt discussed bringing customer communications under data governance. This week’s presentation also focuses on customer loyalty programs and the issues cause by mobile pay for marketers. By creating a customer communication and preference governance program (CCPG), all of an organization’s communications assets are linked. For marketers in the retail space, linking communications to customer profiles can solve the problem of mobile pay disruption.

In the past, marketers could use customer information retrieved at the point of sale from a credit card, but mobile pay services remove this ability. By using a CCPG program, transactions can be tracked using loyalty programs, and existing marketing programs already in place can still be leveraged to create ROI.

But we aren’t stopping in San Diego! Where is Black Oak sending Dr. Talburt next? You can see him at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (MITCDOIQ) conference in in Cambridge, MA, from July 12 – 14.

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