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Part 1 of 2: Essential Trends in Data Integrations

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Data integration is a critical component in modern information management- here’s why. Whether you are a leader, manager or end user, you want to access data across multiple sources stored in disparate silos to get a complete picture of the organization. What developments create outside risk? What patterns can you detect to take advantage of changing markets? Data integration helps …

High Performance Entity Resolution for for Retail [VIDEO]

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The retailers that we deal with are, again, Fortune 500 companies. They have multiple lines of business. They have optical, they have a money store, money transfers, money orders. They have their regular retail, they have their online retail. A challenge that they have is each one of those systems have been built differently. Using Hyper will allow the retailer …

A Closer Look at Black Oak Analytics [VIDEO]

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We founded Black Oak about a decade ago to address the challenge of large, complex data sets and the ability to link all of those records together. In the mid-80’s, I ran a mortgage banking operation and one of the things that we did was buy loans from multiple suppliers. The quality of information that they provided without going on-site …


Black Oak Analytics Data Scientist Daniel Pullen earns Ph.D. in Integrated Computing

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Daniel Pullen graduates with prestigious Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock  Little Rock, ARK. — Black Oak Analytics, a growing data and analytics company, is proud to announce that data scientist Daniel Pullen has earned his Ph.D. in Integrated Computing from UALR this May.  The company, founded in 2007, is dedicated to partnering with their clients to help …

What’s in a Name?

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  The above video presents popular baby names for US states from 1910 to 2014, starting with girl names. In 1910, the records show that Mary was the top female name and this continues to 2014, where Emma reigns supreme. Unsurprisingly John is the #1 name in 1910, but by 2014 it had dropped off the top 10 entirely. In …

Implementing a Data Governance Program Starts with This Crucial Step

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Newsflash: the amount of machine-generated data will balloon to more than 15 times current levels by 2020. You are swimming in deep pools of data, but your data governance program may not be keeping pace. The critical step in implementing a data governance program is choosing the right tool, and then getting your teams to leverage its features for maximum …

Take Our Word for It: Deduplicating Data Points Becomes More Important as You Grow

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You have reams of data few people have looked at, no time allocated to clean it and not enough space to store it. Does this sound familiar? If you own or work in a small, growing company, these may be challenges you face every day, and they are only going to become bigger as your company expands. To counter this …

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Entity Resolution or Identity Resolution? Here Is How We Distinguish the Two.

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By Dr. John R. Talburt Does your organization use data for analytics? Are you trying to? Does your company use internal and/or external data for marketing campaigns, cross sell opportunities or customer analysis of any kind? If your business, institution, or organization is involved in the process of data management or data integration, key people in the organization should understand …

4 Facts About Entity Resolution That Should Keep You Up at Night

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Entity resolution is the vital process of identifying, grouping, and linking digital records. For example, you may have several different versions of your name, address, and phone number in different locations. Entity resolution software for big data simplifies this information. Yet the process is not easy, and can easily go awry. Here are four facts about entity resolution that may …

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Newsflash: Data Governance Is Not Just an IT Problem

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Poor data can affect an organization at every level. Supply-chain management, e-commerce, enterprise systems and CRM all rely on accurate and complete data to operate at a high level. But often, data governance strategy is perceived to be an IT tool. In reality, poor data affects every department. Poor data means missed sales opportunities, forgotten discounts for orders, inaccurate job …