Black Oak Analytics Joins Client Roster for Tech Futures Group

Black Oak Analytics is proud to announce that we have been selected to join the client roster of Tech Futures Group (TFG), a business development organization based out of California whose goal is to help technology companies grow and thrive. TFG’s focus is to help new and growing businesses within the tech industry overcome the challenges and obstacles they face. Originally started to serve tech companies based out of California, Black Oak Analytics is proud to be their first Arkansas-based client as they expand their knowledge and expertise to a national level.

Jeff Smith will act as TFG’s official advisor to Black Oak, leveraging his business acumen and experience to guide our leadership team moving forward. The Boston College and Thunderbird grad has a wealth of experience in the software and technology space, and we are looking forward to a sustained relationship with TFG.

In the modern business landscape, many managers believe that leveraging Big Data is just too difficult due to disparate data silos, the time cost of analytics, shortage of data analysts, and so on. With TFGs help, Black Oak can use our experienced analytics staff and High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER) data integration system to help new clients overcome business obstacles by executing data-driven business strategies informed by existing IT infrastructures and data silos.

Black Oak, and its HiPER software, was recently named one of the Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers. For more information on HiPER and other Black Oak solutions, contact Black Oak Analytics today!

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