High Performance Entity Resolution for for Retail [VIDEO]

The retailers that we deal with are, again, Fortune 500 companies. They have multiple lines of business. They have optical, they have a money store, money transfers, money orders.

They have their regular retail, they have their online retail. A challenge that they have is each one of those systems have been built differently. Using Hyper will allow the retailer to integrate records from across their lines of business. You’re able to look at things like the location, the store location, the time of day, the time that they’re shopping. How retailers would use this, we’re actually in a pilot on this, is more effective product recall. And so, it is a safety, it’s a convenience, and frankly, cost savings for the retailer. The retailer is able to use the investments they make in technology, the power of their technology, the power of their information, to make our lives better. To make our lives safer.

Do you have any company that you buy multiple things from? You buy your razors, you buy your shaving cream, you go and you buy oil for your car, you go and you buy your groceries, ETC. That organization that you deal with, it helps them to better identify you as an individual. So, all these disparate purchases and things that are not necessarily connected allows us to provide a complete view of that person. So, it affects things like when you go on a website and it makes a recommendation about what you might like to buy. It allows them to have a more complete picture of you, so they can make recommendations that are more targeted to you. You might find something that interests you that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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