The analysts and data scientists at Black Oak Analytics are noticing some growing trends in the area of entity resolution.

The Trends Our Analysts Are Seeing in Entity Resolution

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By Dr. John R. Talburt As Black Oak Analytics’ team has been interacting with companies at the national and international level in 2016, we have been seeing several trends in entity resolution. The most obvious trend is companies are moving toward the adoption of Big Data technologies that exploit the power of distributed processing. At the same time, entity resolution …

Learn how to use big data for marketing campaigns that make your business better.

Making Sense of Big Data: 7 Terms You Need to Know and Use in Marketing Meetings

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At this point in every industry, big data is a term that gets thrown around often in discussions on leveraging new and existing data sets for marketing opportunities and improved customer engagement. While big data can generate new insights into customer behavior patterns through the capturing, analysis, and comparison of both structured and unstructured data, there is more to this …

Your business relies on data quality to make informed decisions. Does the data management software you use follow data quality best practices?

The Importance of Data Quality to Your Business Analysts

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Following data quality best practices requires establishing metrics for the cost of errors so that your business can approach customer data analysis strategically. Both false positives—the linking of unrelated records—and false negatives—leaving related records unlinked—can carry a substantial cost for your business’s reputation as well as unrealized marketing opportunities. Uncaught errors can lead to poor business decisions, unnecessary expenditures, and customer …

These data management principles can take your customer data analysis efforts to the next level.

How Managing the Right Data Can Take You from Recognize to Strategize

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The old paradigm of focusing on optimizing “product sales” is shifting to managing customer relationships. It’s one thing for organizations to know when a customer purchases a particular product or service, but it is more important to know how these customers move across all lines of business feeds. This is the elusive 360-degree view of the customer that so many …

where in the world is Black Oak Analytics - Summer 2016

Where in the World Is Black Oak Analytics?

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Black Oak Analytics has been all over the world so far this summer, and will continue to travel as our staff and leadership team continue to meet with partners and clients. This week in particular, Black Oak is sending our Chief Science Officer, Dr. John Talburt, to the Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) 2016 Conference in San Diego.

Dr. John Talburt presented at ICIQ 2016 in Spain.

Black Oak Presents at the International Conference on Information Quality 2016 in Ciudad Real, Spain

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In the news so far this summer we’ve been reading about the 2016 Olympics in Rio. While Black Oak hasn’t yet been able to send any of our team members to the Olympics, we do have our CSO Dr. Talburt in Ciudad Real, Spain for the next few days attending the International Conference on Information Quality 2016 (Follow on Twitter …

Customer deduplication does more than edit data entries. Learn more about how accurate customer records leads to improved entity matching and direct marketing.

Leaner Is Meaner: The Keys to Effective Customer Record Deduplication

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It often happens that the information for the same customer is entered differently by the different departments of your business. The result is that the customer may have many different entries in your customer database, but what instance should you use? If a customer changed jobs, moved, or was there was an error in data entry, you still only want …

springtime black oak analytics update 2016

Springtime Black Oak Update

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As summer approaches, we have a lot of things brewing here at Black Oak. We have been chosen by the South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub (sponsored by the National Science Foundation) as a host company for their Southern Startup Internship Program in Data Science. “The program is designed to facilitate connections between graduate students in data science related fields …

entity matching tools

Defining PII and How It Impacts Your Customer Matching Processes

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In order to fully use your customer relationship management data, you need to maximize the accuracy of your customer matching processes. That means you need to implement high-precision entity resolution technology to identify potential customers more efficiently. The process of identifying particular individuals through specific personal data, called personally identifiable information (PII), helps facilitate more accurate entity matching. The more …