HiPER Products

Organizations of every size have difficulty reconciling their disparate data for use in downstream and connected systems. Black Oak’s signature software package HiPER solves this by decluttering and linking enterprise data using all the information available in the system. HiPER links data with the highest possible levels of accuracy, while keeping enterprise data safe, separate, and secure.

HiPER enables marketing, risk, and operational systems to talk to each other rather than talk across each other; every record about the same customer, product, or service is matched and connected at the same time. Regardless of the industry, HiPER brings value to all organizations who deal with the vast quantities of data produced in the modern business ecosystem.

  • Time to Value ROI: 60-day implementation vs 9-12 months by competitors
  • Non-intrusive Installation: no rip and replace
  • Accurate Matching: on complex data at scale (Big Data)
  • Versatile Deployment: in the Cloud, on premise in a private cloud, or on premise on a single machine
  • Data Security: deployable behind client firewall
  • Avoid Preprocessing/ETL: lower costs and faster turnarounds
  • Auditable: transparent match rules and results, can prove compliance using HiPER Software

HiPER consists of multiple products that can be leveraged depending upon your organization’s needs.

HiPER Batch

HiPER is a batch entity resolution software designed to resolve entities in big data sets. Organizations with duplicates in their data, or data locked into disparate systems, can make full use of their data using HiPER’s entity resolution. The result is a knowledgebase where all linked entities can be identified and the data can then flow to downstream systems.

HiPER Real-Time

HiPER Real-Time is a series of modules for Solr and is used to convert Solr’s powerful index and search capabilities into entity resolution in real-time. Whether searching people, products, or events, HiPER Real-Time brings the power of big-data entity resolution to real-time processes.

HiPER Quality Check

Using Black Oak’s unique match quality auditing and measuring strategies, HiPER can be used to measure your existing data, identifying estimated false positive and false negative matches. We have worked with multiple large technology clients interested in improving their internal processes to audit their existing entity resolution and proposed strategies for continuous improvement.