High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER)

In today’s regulatory environment, it is critical to be able to understand your matching and entity resolution rules and logic. Our system provides an open and customizable set of rules that can easily be audited and tuned — keeping you out of the “black box” when it comes to your ability to understand your data.

Our primary software solution – the High Performance Entity Resolution system (HiPER) – is an entity identity information management (EIIM) system that supports the full lifecycle of entity identity information. It is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the industry for several reasons:

  • HiPER does not arbitrarily destroy duplicate data
  • HiPER reports exactly what records are changed and why
  • HiPER uses multiple, broken, and orphaned records to increase match rates
  • HiPER can be setup to run either deterministic (Boolean) or probabilistic (scoring) rules
  • HiPER runs as a stand-alone entity identity management service
  • HiPER has a plug-in interface that builds custom comparators in addition to a wide array of built-in, industry standard comparator functions
  • HiPER is full UTF-8 character set compliant for processing data directly in its native character encoding

Master Data Management

The current trend is to decouple the components of MDM allowing each component to achieve high levels of effectiveness and efficiency for its concerns. Unfortunately, many MDM architectures are designed to build and maintain only one system of record for all applications. This entanglement is often one of the weaknesses of an MDM system. Each business application often has a different view and different requirements for what the system of record should contain.

Find out more about decoupling Entity Identity Information Management (EIIM) from MDM or request a Demo to find out how HiPER can give you more control over your data linking, matching, and match quality.

Data Governance

“Big Data” is a phrase used often in describing a company’s explosion of data assets. Black Oak Analytics offers a rock-solid Data Governance program to help you make sense of your most valuable asset — your data. Our programs can:

  • Determine critical data assets
  • Establish policies and procedures to monitor and improve key performance metrics
  • Establish processes for how data is stored, backed-up, and utilized
  • Establish a Data Governance Council

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