HiPER Use Cases: An Executive Brief

To learn more about the power of HiPER and what makes it unique among other entity resolution software solutions in the market, download our free Executive Brief. In the download, you will find answers to the questions we get most often about our high performance entity resolution platform.

Decoupling Entity Identity Information Management (EIIM) from Master Data Management (MDM)

The effectiveness of your company’s master data management (MDM) system and overall data governance strategy may currently be hindered by an inefficient, outdated process. Learn whether your organization will benefit from a low-coupling, high-cohesion MDM solution.

Black Oak Analytics and Healthcare Data Insights & Analytics (HDIA)

Data and data collection are growing in all industries, but few are more regulated and have higher stakes than in the healthcare industry. In the modern landscape of Big Data, healthcare business and information technology teams still often struggle with the best practices of data quality, data integration, and gleaning insights from their existing data.

Marketing Database Deduplication and Entity Resolution

Our client organizes events that enable businesses to network, innovate, and expand through extensive market research for the most relevant content and in-demand speakers, attracting highly-targeted audiences to network with and learn from key industry leaders.