Healthcare is an industry that is a really good fit for HIPER. [VIDEO]

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Linking records in healthcare is a very delicate process. Healthcare deals with a lot of electronic
health records, EHRs, that are supposed to take records from all across the organization and
make sure that it’s all available in one spot, regardless of who’s looking at it or where. The reality
is that this doesn’t happen that way.

People can readily see the advantage of converting paper-based records to electronic records. It’s
a reduction in cost. The challenge is in sharing that information across all of the specialists. Each
of the electronic healthcare record systems stores different data in different formats and
therefore, it makes it very difficult for the practitioners, the clinicians, to have a complete view
of their patient. HIPER has the ability to tag each of those patient records, each of the drugs, the
treatment protocols so that the primary care physician can see the entire spectrum of healthcare
records from the individual. The way that’s helpful is with people moving to more specializations
in their healthcare, allergies that are captured, for instance, in one office need to be shared with
the other specialists that are treating the same individual. We also have the ability to improve the
level of care. We also have the opportunity to predict adverse events in advance of them

HIPER is a very quality focused solution so we really pride ourselves and our expertise in
quality-focused entity resolution solutions.

It’s software, it’s designed to go behind the firewall. It doesn’t move data outside of the firewall
and it allows physicians to honor the regulatory requirements of HIPAA and the requests of the
patients for their privacy.

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