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The effectiveness of your company’s master data management (MDM) system and overall data governance strategy may currently be hindered by an inefficient, outdated process. Learn whether your organization will benefit from a low-coupling, high-cohesion MDM solution.

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The Challenges of Master Data Management

Matching multiple entities to a single identity is crucial for companies that plan to optimize key interactions with their customers, clients, or patients. Unfortunately, many master data management products create challenges for data governance due to excessive coupling with other components, making them ineffective and inflexible.

John R. Talburt, chief scientist at Black Oak Analytics, relied on his extensive industry experience to diagnose this significant problem for data-driven companies and create this white paper. As Acxiom’s chair of information quality and director of the Information Quality Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Talburt is also qualified to suggest an innovative solution: decoupling.

The Advantages of Decoupling

The Black Oak Analytics team recognized the benefits of applying the layered architecture commonly found in network design to master data management systems. By decoupling MDM from entity identity information management (EIIM) and other components, the result is a collection of highly cohesive data governance tools that accomplish their individual tasks with increased efficiency, transparency, and scalability.

These principles led to the development of HiPER (High Performance Entity Resolution), an entity resolution software and data management platform. This software can help you optimize your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts through a 360-degree view of your business’s key metrics and consumer activity.

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