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What Is HiPER? How Does It Work?

HiPER (High Performance Entity Resolution) is an entity resolution software and data management platform developed by Black Oak Analytics. Our software is particularly beneficial for marketing, customer service, and product management teams needing a 360 degree view of consumer activity.

What Is Entity Resolution?

The primary processes of our entity resolution software seek to apply in-depth match rules and algorithms to each piece of data collected to minimize duplicate customer data and accurately link each data record to one customer identity.

What Is Master Data Management?

HiPER’s capabilities support master data management by connecting customer interactions across all points of data entry within your organization. In and out of stores, on social media, within your website or app, and across your emails, you can identify customers and manage their journey in real time with the most up-to-date and clean data records.

What Are the Marketing and Analytics Use Cases for HiPER?

Within the financial, education, healthcare, government, retail, and marketing industries, customer data is vital to business success. The Big Data use cases of HiPER can align your sales and marketing efforts along several chains of communication:

  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Cross Media Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Fraud Prevention

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