Data Driven Marketing

In its simplest form, database marketing is a systematic approach to collecting, consolidating, and processing consumer or enterprise data that enables companies to communicate with their current and potential customers. Using this data in a more sophisticated manner makes this more meaningful and productive for both the consumer and the marketer. The vast data expertise and extensive data processing experience of the professionals at Black Oak Analytics makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in the orchestration and execution of an engaging message at the right time, in the right manner to the right consumer.

Database Marketing

Marketing decisions and consumer services are based upon the data captured through a number of touch points. Ensuring this underlying data is accurate, clean, and up-to-date is paramount. The data you have must be organized and optimized to transform insights and learnings into effective consumer marketing actions.

  • Accuracy – Beginning with clean data helps to ensure not only deliverability, but clean, accurate consumer identification.
  • Customer Profiles – The identification and enhancement of unique individuals across your database creates a full view of each consumer, including their behaviors, demographics, and propensities resulting in a more robust and accurate customer profile. This profile can be used to shape your customer engagement strategy.
  • Data Modeling – Because you have a wealth of information on your customers organized and optimized within your database, it enables our analytics team to recommend and create custom data models to profile prospects that resemble your best customers to predict behaviors, indicate proclivities for cross-sell initiatives, and more.

Data Enhancement

The addition of third party data is a key component of our client solutions that enables you to more effectively develop and deepen customer relationships. By providing a more accurate and complete view of customers and prospects, you can develop data-driven automated marketing systems. This data enrichment lends itself to better targeting, customer engagement, and overall marketing effectiveness.

Black Oak Analytics can provide third party demographic and lifestyle data from multiple providers that service many different industries to enrich your existing customer and prospect populations.

Targeted Campaigns

The value of the knowledge and insights gleaned from your database is only fully realized when you are able to effectively and efficiently use it to influence your customer communications and marketing. Finding your next best customer through prospect marketing can be more strategically successful by allowing us to create and refine a prospect population that closely resembles the most attractive customers within your portfolio or product offerings.

Black Oak Analytics can help you execute marketing strategies, simple or complex, across both traditional and digital communication channels domestically and abroad.