HiPER for Healthcare

“Access enterprise health records in real time.”

Current healthcare solutions are limited by data format, and data arriving from multiple sources about a single patient is seldom, if ever, completely linked across all data stores. Matching an electronic health record (EHR) can be more difficult than it seems.

HiPER declutters an organization’s data, and links data using all available information to achieve the highest possible accuracy, while keeping it safe and separate. This results in master patient identifier (MPI), so as many correct, unique identities as possible are linked across the organization’s data.

What seems to be meaningless, incomplete, or irrelevant data in one record can become meaningful to business intelligence, analysis, and even health initiatives when combined with other records referring to the same identity.

  • Matching Across Enterprise Databases– For the purposes of collecting all available information about each individual, regardless of the data store or database where the information comes from.
  • Multi-domain Matching – The ability to match individuals to other domains can help identify former study participants, individuals sharing the same household, and individuals matching other specific criteria.
  • Fraud Reduction – Reduce risk exposure by identifying highly suspicious or precarious behavior
  • Supply Chain Management – Optimizing discounts, inventory controls, and cooperative marketing dollars
  • Marketing Attribution – Craft ideal campaigns to reach your customers through the most effective channels

In addition to MPI and linking your data, Black Oak Analytics also offers services including master data management (MDM) and data governance guidance and consulting.

Master Data Management (MDM)

The current trend is to decouple the components of MDM allowing each component to achieve high levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Unfortunately, many MDM architectures are designed to build and maintain only one system of record for all applications. This entanglement is often one of the weaknesses of an MDM system. Each business application often has a different view and different requirements for what the system of record should contain.

Data Governance

Black Oak Analytics offers a rock-solid Data Governance program to help make sense of your company’s most valuable asset — your data. Our programs can:

  • Determine critical data assets
  • Establish policies and procedures to monitor and improve key performance metrics
  • Establish processes for how data is stored, backed-up, and utilized
  • Establish a Data Governance Council