HiPER for GDPR Linking

“All personally identifiable data linked to a single, persistent identifier.”

The European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), goes into effect May 25th of 2018, and has increasing requirements through May of 2020. The basic purpose of the GDPR is to give European people rights over their personal data both inside and outside of the EU. Citizens’ rights include:

  • Right to easily access data in a digestible format
  • Right to be forgotten and have confirmation of removed data
  • Right to be notified if personal data has been compromised
  • Right to require clear consent for the use of personal data

Many organizations aren’t even entirely aware of all of their data assets, and certainly don’t know exactly how many Europeans are in their data sets. HiPER’s entity resolution designed for Big Data can be used as a compliance tool. Anyone who works in marketing knows that knowing what has happened, historically, to an individual’s data is near impossible. HiPER allows links to be made across internal and 3rd party data, across all active and archived datastores, to identify everywhere data about a specific individual is located, something most industry solutions still struggle with.

In addition to name and address, HiPER can search attributes such as IP addresses, web cookies, unique physical characteristics, online identifiers, and more. HiPER can bring all of your data assets together, weed out duplicates, and consolidate disparate records for analytics, operational efficiency, and compliance issues like GDPR.