springtime black oak analytics update 2016

Springtime Black Oak Update

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As summer approaches, we have a lot of things brewing here at Black Oak. We have been chosen by the South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub (sponsored by the National Science Foundation) as a host company for their Southern Startup Internship Program in Data Science. “The program is designed to facilitate connections between graduate students in data science related fields …

entity matching tools

Defining PII and How It Impacts Your Customer Matching Processes

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In order to fully use your customer relationship management data, you need to maximize the accuracy of your customer matching processes. That means you need to implement high-precision entity resolution technology to identify potential customers more efficiently. The process of identifying particular individuals through specific personal data, called personally identifiable information (PII), helps facilitate more accurate entity matching. The more …

customer data management

Collection Is Not Enough: You Have the Data, Now What?

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A customer data management software system contains a treasure trove of information. Once properly implemented, your challenge is to integrate the data you collect effectively and leverage your insights to improve operations and make better business decisions. Along with this challenge is the necessity of developing strategies for keeping your data secure, usable, and adaptable – guided by rigorous procedures to …